HeroinKids Fine Art Exhibition – Opening 23.Mai 2019 – 7 pm

Exhibition Opening „HeroinKids“ by Corinna Elena Engel and Christian Kaiser

FREE ENTRY – Open for public at 7 pm – Berlin Mitte

The exhibition will be open at 6 pm ONLY for PRESS & MEDIA.
For press accreditation write an email to contact@kaiserengel.net

The artworks of Corinna Engel and Chris Kaiserengel are creating a nihilistic vision of beauty, grace and fragility –
a dangerous, unmoral image of decadence and neglect.
They reflect youth between feelings of unacceptance and being unloved, between drugs, group-sex, techno parties, isolation, vulnerability and fall from grace. The photographies and videos show girls and young women in the middle of neglect, violence, nudity and prostitution. The artists turn them into ailing dolls, question individuality and self-definition and turn disease into a fashion accessory. The photos and videos appear superficial, bold, aggressiv, demonstrating disposable people without individuality, that are nonetheless oddly intimate and fragile.

Corinna Engel & Chris Kaiserengel build an almost life endangering beauty of the time and the world, that are characterised by mass media and internet, of superficiality, amateur pornography and derision, of drugs, techno parties, sex, violence, isolation and vulnerability, and admittedly not as a creation awareness as a cry for attention, but as something rare, special, nihilistic and fragile, as fading, sparkling beauty of becoming lost. They focus on the aspiration of the young to cross borders and emphasising their naive sense of life. The world, that is reflected as an ill, corrupted and pornographic place, but also as a place full of aesthetic, shining and sparkling as LED-lights, oscillating between reality and fiction.

Corinna Engel and Chris Kaiserengel will show their newest photographies as large format prints but the exhibition’s focus will be an audio-visuell video installation.


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