HeroinKids @ Jute Fashion Magazine

„I can have everything, but i can also just throw it all away!“

Heroin®Kids is featured in Jute Fashion Magazine Vol. XIII (September Issue)

Heroin Kids is a metaphor for being young, being self-destructive, and having no future, for a naïve, child-like stumbling into a young world that’s gone to pieces. The excerpt of the world Heroin Kids is reflecting is one of being young, being self-destructive. A world full of sick yearning but full of beauty. Not a simple beauty, but a tragic beauty, a sickly, nearly hostile beauty, young and naïve, childlike and awkward, wild and free, feral and untended. The interplay between aesthetics, neglect, and decline.

Heroin Kids has no educational task, it isn’t moralistic and doesn’t want to discipline. Heroin Kids is a mirror of the world and the viewer. It Is all about breaking up fixed bounds of thoughts and to create new, different views on the world.

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