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Filmed & Directed by Corinna Elena Engel & Christian Kaiser // 2014 // HEROIN KIDS Music by: Black Heart’s Society // Ur So Rad (Starring ♥KITTY♥) Recorded & Engineered by Miguelangelo Hexylvania and Andy San Dimas @ Hollywood Tower, Hollywood, CA Ⓟ 2014 Hexylvania, Hollywood, CA /// All rights reserved © 2014 Black Heart’s Society

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HeroinKids @ Jute Fashion Magazine

„I can have everything, but i can also just throw it all away!“

Heroin®Kids is featured in Jute Fashion Magazine Vol. XIII (September Issue)

Heroin Kids is a metaphor for being young, being self-destructive, and having no future, for a naïve, child-like stumbling into a young world that’s gone to pieces. The excerpt of the world Heroin Kids is reflecting is one of being young, being self-destructive. A world full of sick yearning but full of beauty. Not a simple beauty, but a tragic beauty, a sickly, nearly hostile beauty, young and naïve, childlike and awkward, wild and free, feral and untended. The interplay between aesthetics, neglect, and decline.

Heroin Kids has no educational task, it isn’t moralistic and doesn’t want to discipline. Heroin Kids is a mirror of the world and the viewer. It Is all about breaking up fixed bounds of thoughts and to create new, different views on the world.

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HeroinKids @ Blanc Magazine


Heroin Kids are the wanderers with a penchant for the apocalypse of self.  They naïvely search to feel in a world that is broken, like the vodka bottles that litter their bedroom floors. For them there is no future, there is only now!

Berlin based Art, Fashion and Photography collective, Heroin Kids, represent the absent youth. Going against the glossy Hollywood ideal of the; clean, driven, self-conscious and just a little bit rebellious young person. They are representative of the outsiders who do not fit into the preset social categories supplied to us by the media.

So take a minute and let yourself succumb to the truthful injection of these innovative provocateurs and find beauty in the hopelessly destructive nature of the heroin kids.

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HeroinKids 2014

Offcial HeroinKids Trailer 2014 – Wear the clothes from the label they try to ban!


Filmed & Directed by Corinna Elena Engel & Christian Kaiser // Berlin // 2014 // HEROIN KIDS

Music by Black Heart’s Society – „Sex Dream“ (2014)

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HeroinKids Fine Art Photography – Photobook by Corinna Engel & Christian Kaiser


„Love has to be young, wild, and free, and it tastes like kisses in the morning dew in lonely forest glades on the back seat of dirty cars,like the promise of never-ending love and the stars reflected in glazed girls eyes – high on the hardest drugs you could lay your hands on. The most beautiful flowers aren`t growing in gardens or in avenues. Come join us on a trip without a goal, the direction is far away, never return to this fucked-up life … „

# hardcover edition: 216 pages
# publisher: Index/Promedia, Zeltingen; edition: 1., edition (12. August 2011)
# language: english
# ISBN-10: 3936878218
# ISBN-13: 978-3936878219
# price:

39,99 Euro -> buy online standard edition

299,00 Euro -> buy onlinewith artists signature

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HeroinKids Interview @ Dageisha Magazine / Italy

Who are the heroin kids?

Heroin Kids is a metaphor for being young, being self-destructive, and having no future, for a naïve, child-like stumbling into a young world that’s gone to pieces.

It isn’t about the standardised young person as known from television – someone who is young, fit, self-conscious, and determined. The typical team-worker, the rational one, the one that says stuff like, “I know exactly what I want to do in life, but I’m also a bit rebellious, just a little crazy and freaky, and I’m definitely no bourgeois.” That is something we aren’t interested in. We like people who are still searching, who hurl themselves into something they cannot really fathom. So, in a way, people who are bound to fail. We like things that are unreasonable. We like wasted things, weak things, colours that have faded. That is something that inspires us, and it comes very close to Heroin Kids. Heidegger once wrote, “Failure in this world is loyalty to a life where the sole certainty is death.” We love sex, drugs, prostitution, and violence.  

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